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The Art Circle منظمة تدعم المرأة العاشقة للفنون


Marie Claire Arabia

هل أنت من عشاق الفن؟ سنخبرك اليوم عن The Art Circle وهي شبكة تجمع محبّي الفنون والتي إتخدت الإمارات العربية المتحدة وتحديدًا أبو ظبي مقرًا خاصًا بها حيث أسست هذه المنظمة السيدة Barbara Farahnick-Mathonet عام 2018 لتمكين هؤلاء النساء بالتحديد.

وتعدّ The Art Circle منظمة لا تبغى الربح، يديرها متطوّعون وتحتوي على 65 سيّدة، هدفها الأساسي تقدير الفنّ وخلق صلة وصل بين الشرق والغرب. 

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The Art Circle

In Conversation with Barbara Farahnick-Mathonet

Spring 2022

Madame Magazine: 

The Art Circle is a network of international art collectors and art lovers based in the UAE. It is a non-profit organization that aims at promoting arts, artists and institutions from or linked with the MENASA region, and aspires to develop and grow a circle of likeminded women, both passionate and involved in arts.

We met with its founder Barbara Farahnick-Mathonet 


SMA shares its vision for UAE's art scene at Paris Talks

26 May 2021


Influential figures in the UAE art scene discussed the essential role cultural and art institutions play in supporting and achieving further development and rapid evolution of the arts ecosystem in the UAE and the Middle East, over the past two decades in particular.


UAE's women art collectors to discuss what's ahead for Middle East art

24 May 2021

The National

A virtual panel brings together directors from Sharjah Museum Authority, Abu Dhabi Art, Alserkal Avenue and NYUAD.


The Art Circle receives an award from MIA art Collection

28 March 2021

As part of the opening of the "Sense of woman" exhibition by Mia art collection, in Dubai on March 28th, 2021, several female personalities have been recognized for making an impact as a woman in the art world.

Our founder and chairwoman, Barbara Farahnick-Mathonet, was honoured to receive recognition for the creation of the Art Circle.

Private Visit Sheikha Sheikha
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