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Dear members,


Our fourth year together has almost come to a close, and what a better way to end it than to witness our small community blossom and bloom the way it is!

Our trip to Egypt, the land of the pharaohs and a thousand suns, lately, left us still reminiscing about its magic for it was but a dream voyage in the land of this legendary ancient civilization.

If our last journey together has exhibited anything it is that gathering around our common interests and passion proved to be a healing practice and a great bonding material among people from all walks of life. So welcome to our cordial little world!

We really missed our Art Circle friends who could not attend this fantastic trip and aspire to accommodate a bigger number in our future little escapades.

We hope to see you often in our future activities in person and occasionally virtually.

I would like to wish you a wonderful Christmas and New Year and hope that the year 2022 will bring you all success, health and plenty of love. 

Please be reminded that your feedback is important to us. Thank you for your support and encouragement and please feel free to express your opinion by mail, WhatsApp or in person because…


With you we grow!


Looking forward to a rich program in your company!


                               Warmest Regards,



                                Lina A Mikati

                                Vice President and

                                Founding Member

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Letter from our member Gisele Qayaleh


It is not an end but a beginning.

I started my art appreciation journey in the UAE with Nelly Lama, a compatriot and a school mate since the Jerusalem days. Nelly was a pioneer in art education and art history.

I fulfilled my own need to delve into art by experimenting with oil painting at AUB and photography. 
Although I come from a family of musicians, I still remember my eldest sister drawing her own trousseau as well as designing furniture at a very young age.

Our family was very close to the Seraphims and the celebrated Juliana in particular, who is known for her art of the fantasy, and her surrealistic imagery.

Joining The Art Circle was a particular feat for me, and a natural continuation of my interest in art. While we were separated by the pandemic, we always felt together, united by art and its wealth and by the warmth of friendship among the members.

I feel privileged to have been part of the trip to Art D’Egypte in Cairo. No wonder it had to happen in October, It is a time of rest and respite, a time of transition and new beginnings.

We left the smoggy skies of Cairo, on a wonderful October afternoon, driving into the crisp and clear air of the Egyptian desert, to enjoy the Pyramids and the glorious events held around it.

As we walked within and around the tombs, it was not solely the reality of death that prevailed with the existential notions that accompany it, but also an acute feeling of celebration of life and its rebirth. It is present in the images of everyday living, so intricately reproduced on the walls, elegantly rendered and filled with rich details.

Upon asking our tour guide about the effect of her deep knowledge and awareness of the life of the pharaohs on her every day life, her answer was immediate and simple: “People are the same.”

Could the overlap of time be the same too? What is “Forever Is Now”? Could the architectural marvels set up by the prominent artists, against the pyramids, a manifestation of the fact that artistic genius defies time? And that at all ages, man is in constant search for beauty and magic, and for eternity.

Gisele Qayaleh

Member of The Art Circle

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