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Bird of Paradise on Dalma Island 

Acrylic, spray and marker on canvas

The painting addresses the search for spirituality in both the natural world and in artificial environments, drawing on anthropomorphism, ritualistic values of nature, and visual research of the digital space. Layering a range of media to explore the crossing of materiality in an imaginary environment, such as a bird on Dalma island, the elements draw on ancestral notions about the divine, tensions between spirituality and practicality, and the border between reason and imagination. The work starts with a geometric structure that serves as the basic anchor and organization for the image. From that point on, the method is intuitive: adding and subtracting abstract representations of fauna and flora according to the painting’s resolution. Collections of colors and textures are rendered into organic, fluid shapes and assembled into a unique world that is at once surreal and familiar, sweet and violent, and chaotic and elegant, the work takes on a role of social commentary questioning spirituality, self-perception, and reality.

Laura Xenopol

Laura Xenopol is a UAE-based visual artist whose mixed-media practice addresses the complexities between the ancestral nature of the world and the digital environment. Her work revolves around visual research to visualize invisible forces in both the physical world and in digital environments, drawing on anthropomorphism and symbolistic values of nature.

لاورا  كسينوبول فنانة بصرية مقيمة في الإمارات العربية المتحدة تتناول ممارساتها في الوسائط المختلطة التعقيدات بين طبيعة الأجداد في العالم والبيئة الرقمية. يتكون عملها عن ثيمات تبحث فيها كسينوبول عن تصوير القوى غير المرئية في كل من العالم المادي والبيئات الرقمية ، بالاعتماد على التجسيم والقيم الرمزية للطبيعة

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