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Sand Roses 

Oil painting, ink resin on canvas

The landscape is recomposed. It is not a specific view, but a combination of elements that suggest a place. The painting will interact with a viewer who will have his own interpretation by activating certain images that will allow him to recognize a space or evoke others. It is important to me to let everyone travel in their own geographical and temporal areas, letting the painting only act as a trigger.

Ornamentation, mashrabiya and arabesques are a graphic alphabet that evokes the Oriental palaces, the tales of the thousand and one nights. The embroidery and brilliance of contemporary abayas glued to the canvas contribute to the texture. The painting is a world where networks of organic and geometric lines blend together in relationships of influence. The shades of pinks of architecture and nature merge between the different plans questioning the relationship to space. . The image emerges between the painted  trace and the reserve in search of a gaze to perceive the environment. It is the materialization of a way of thinking that works by formal analogy. 

Karine Roche

Born in France. She graduated in spatial Design from the National College ENSAAMA, Olivier de Serres in Paris. She has been based in the UAE since 2009. .


Her work has been presented in spaces including Sharjah Art Museum, Museum of Decorative and Folk art (Moscow), Tashkeel, Proart gallery (Dubai) and art Sawa (Dubai), as well as Art Fairs  such as Art Paris, Art Elysée, Star't .

Her works are part of private and corporate collections, including the city of Vitry-Sur-Seine (France), the Colas Foundation Colas (France), West Lake Museum (Hangzhou, China).

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