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mixed media on canvas, 60 x 40 cm

Poem written by the Emirati poet Ousha Al Suwaidi also known as Fatat Al-Arab,‘I dream, I swallowed the moon’.


‘Giving life to words’ was what I was aiming for. I was looking to interpret and translate messages of tolerance, love and humanity into my artwork’, The magic of the moon’.


The art piece is minimalist in style. The random shapes, forms, space, texture & narrative characters give movement and life to the painting.


These visual components interact and connect between themselves. They also enhance the surrealist composition.


The range of chosen colours such as orange, yellow and white, also contribute to create a lively ambiance nevertheless settled by the blue background, a symbol of peace for me.


Creating artwork which convey a message is at the very heart of my work as well as the advocacy for a better understanding between cultures. This is particularly true in my “when East meets West” collection where oriental elements are mixed with western values and vice versa. It will resonate even more in this composition’s artwork.


This beautiful poem, written by The Girl from the Gulf, offers us an insight to the beauty of the world which I portray in my painting, ‘The magic of the Moon’.

Marie-F TURNER  

Marie-F Turner is a French-British artist living in Dubai. Self taught artist (other than illustration), Marie started her artistic journey as an illustrator, creating characters for greeting cards and stationary experimenting at the same time with various medium such as paint, pens and collage. Marie then moved quickly towards a more abstract style of artwork. Her contemporary style is a mix of photography, bold abstract shapes, and narrative characters and objects.

They all take place in surrealist colourful compositions where they interact and connect between themselves. Inspired by cubist and surrealist movements, Marie adds to her artwork a personal touch having travelled extensively, mostly in Asia and the Middle East where she settled now, after years of living in Paris and London.

The advocacy for a better understanding between cultures is at the very core of her creative work. This is particularly obvious in “when East meets West" Collection, where oriental elements are mixed with western values and vice versa.

As a fine art painter, digital artist, photographer and illustrator, her artwork portrays a happy fantasy world aiming to give the observer a feeling of positivity and optimism. In addition to that, Marie often mentioned that her studies of Law & Political Sciences have greatly influenced her work and her way of understanding the world. These elements help her to interpret and translate in a more accurate way, any commissioned work she undertakes.

Marie's Happy Fantasy World of art talks to many and can be seen regularly in various exhibitions in London and more recently with other artists in UAE, at the French Pavilion EXPO 2020 Dubai, Alliance Francaise and more.

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