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mixed media on canvas, 40 x 60 cm

The composition blends the organic lines of the sleeper with the vision of the moon .The painting is composed of several paintings on paper which unite thanks to the geometric framework of the pattern of arabesques. There are 4 colors: white, for the moon and the face, black, for the night and shadows, red and gold for the traditional dress and certain stars. Thus, the elements of the body and the sky correspond by colors.I worked with paper by applying colors to it, not words. The pieces are cut and reassembled like a puzzle where the pieces would only have 2 possible shapes but various patterns. We could recreate millions of images just as the limited letters of the alphabet will be able to recreate as many words, sentences and ideas according to their combinations.Thedream can have a mystical connotation, a premonitory character which opens onto another reality. It is a door to the unconscious and inspires creation. By swallowing the moon, a celestial star in relation to the earth, her body and mind make symbiosis with the cosmos through the world of dreams. Her creation, by merging with the universe itself allows her to authentically recreate her own perception of the world.

Karine ROCHE

Born in France. She graduated in spatial Design from the National College ENSAAMA, Olivier de Serres in Paris. She has been based in the UAE since 2009. .


Her work has been presented in spaces including Sharjah Art Museum, Museum of Decorative and Folk art (Moscow), Tashkeel, Proart gallery (Dubai) and art Sawa (Dubai), as well as Art Fairs  such as Art Paris, Art Elysée, Star't .

Her works are part of private and corporate collections, including the city of Vitry-Sur-Seine (France), the Colas Foundation Colas (France), West Lake Museum (Hangzhou, China).

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