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acrylic on canvas, 40 x 60 cm

The word "dream" is the postulation that cherishes an aspiration, ambition, or ideal. This emotionally charged work explores my personal journey through cancer and chemotherapy over the past year. In this painting, I am expressing my dream that life is renewable, and it will resume its normality after any dark period.


I am inspired by painting my personal experiences. This artwork is filled with colors and textures. In this painting, colors symbolize emotions. The green strokes represent abundance in nature. The pastel colors are associated with calming and peaceful vibes, which are much needed. The black surroundings are used to elevate the contrast in the painting. They also represent the mystery of the experience, the willpower, and the fear of the unknown. The ranges of blues represent peace and trusting for the process of the journey.


Electrifying brushstrokes burst from the depth of the canvas to arrest the viewer. From darkness to light, grief to hope, confusion to conviction; those who ever doubted life are proven wrong.



Tala Hammoud Atrouni is a Palestinian artist from Lebanon who was born in Beirut in 1977. As a child, her love for art was expressed shyly. She often found herself busy with colorful crayons and paper. In Beirut, she was exposed to the city’s cosmopolitan society and vibrant culture. This exposure enriched her perspective on life.


She grew up admiring her father’s art of calligraphy, poetry, and drawings. Despite the lack of formal art exposure in her high school, her passion for fine art drove her to pursue her education in the field. After high school, in the fall of 1995, she enrolled in the school of fine arts at the Lebanese American University in Beirut. In addition to fine art classes, her dad advised her to enroll in more practical courses in advertising so that she would earn a minor degree in the field and improve her chances of finding a job. She earned her Bachelor's degree in July of 1998 with an award of excellence in the art of painting and sculpture.

A year later, she moved to San Francisco, California with her husband. This move has given her a new perspective regarding her future career. After working in the high tech industry for three years as a publishing team leader, she decided to continue her graduate studies and pursue a future in art. She attended the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. In August 2005, she graduated with an MFA degree in illustration.


After living in San Francisco for 11 years, and Muscat for 4 years, She is currently living in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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