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Utopia a world free of climate change - Soraya Sikander.png

UTOPIA - 2023

Soraya Sıkander
Acrylic on Canvas, 61 x 61 cm

“Utopia is an exploration of the natural world in various forms. Imagining a new landscape free from the threats of climate change, this bold work interprets the natural world – as seen through the mind’s eye – suggesting a new world. My painting "Utopia" suggests a state of bliss rendered in miniature painting style.

This artwork draws from memories, travel and heritage. The intrinsic interconnectedness between the visible and the invisible has become an integral part of my world view.
This powerful work captures the complexities of development. The growth of a flower involves larger elemental forces, chemistry and carbon. I arrive at landscape through ecology. It is the whole meaning that interests me not just surface appearance. I am equally interested in how landscapes evolve. The still and the everyday be it a sky, cloud, scattering, dynamism. By experimenting both with subject and meaning, my works continues to develop the relationship between landscape and form, color and light.

"Utopia" is a state of bliss characterized by free flowing birds, flying in gay abandon, suggesting a planet that has overcome climate change, where birds, butterflies and all of nature bloom.

Soraya Sıkander

Soraya Sikander is a critically acclaimed, contemporary South Asian painter known for her landscapes and organic forms. The artist has been ranked as one of South Asia’s best-known painters making it big internationally, listed as ‘Artist to watch’. Soraya works in oil and acrylics on canvas and is internationally renowned for inventing her pioneering Calligraphy Landscapes. Recognition for her work has come through critical acclaim and nonstop sold-out exhibitions. Soraya Sikander trained in fine arts through the London Atelier of Representational Arts, and University College London’s Slade summer school. Soraya Sikander has held over twenty-four international group & solo exhibitions at premier galleries and museums worldwide. Soraya Sikander Paintings have featured in international auctions including Bonhams. She is also a TEDx art speaker. Soraya Sikander is currently completing a Masters Degree in Art Education.

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