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Sanniya Adnan
Acrylic on Canvas, 60 x 70 cm

It all started with the seed when humans found themselves surrounded by natural resources and learned to use them for their needs. When from discovering the natural formula of oxygen, water and carbon dioxide he invented the formula of polyethylene and then the whole world littered with plastic. From wood cutting to heaps of garbage leaving many species homeless and endangered, intervened with the environment causing disruption with eco-friendly atmosphere we left with the question what is happening with our planet? And the answer lies when we looked behind, we are now the residents where earth is taking revenge and spitting it out. Now shifting the planet to renewable transition energy is a huge task with the increased consumption and elevated level of carbon dioxide gas. To limit global warming to 1.5 degree C above preindustrial levels and other low carbon solutions, National Climate Change Plan of the United Arab Emirates 2017- 2050 under Green Agenda is one of the dedicated example in sustaining the environment by implementing various plans like consumption of solar energy, smart meters, Zero-faring, Green vehicles, Waste-to-energy, Greener manufacturing process, Eco- Tourism Promotion, Organic Farming, Green Funding Project and many more. Countries all over the world are following sustainable goals so by 2050 Earth is going to becalm, less noisy with less carbon and healthier environment.

Sanniya Adnan

Coming from Pakistan, Country with a combination of cultural and Artistic essence with traditional leads. I was deeply inspired with the world of imagination from my childhood. I impersonate my father and his studio as a teacher and started to spend quality time there.
I completed my studies from Karachi, did commercial works and exhibitions, took part in various Art Programs, Won awards and recognitions and then moved to Dubai. I am a Mixed Medium painter and always likes to explore dierent cultures and researched based Artworks.

9 years of well build commitment with B360 watch, Dubai in miniature Artwork, always well appreciated for my services for their exquisite collection. Awarded First place in painting cateogary of illustrating in Noon Arts Award 2022 “Then & Now”. Due to my strong sense of Iconisim, I was Awarded for the “Best use of Iconology and Symbolism” from H.E.Eng.Ali Alsuwaidi in the ARTOZE Art Competition 2021, Celebrating 50 glorious years of UAE conducted by Ajman Free Zone Authority“
I have been featured into many international Art books and magazines and Exhibited my work there as well.

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