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Natalya Konforti 
Mixed Media on Aluminum, 40 x 48 cm

Long walks and hikes through nature are personally a time of deep reflection, conversation, and introspection. Much like the protagonists of ‘Invisible Cities’, the vastness and complexity of the human experience is often on my mind in these moments. The unique rocky formations of the middle east stand as a poignant metaphor, their intricate layers and breathtaking colors reflecting complex inner worlds. Formed under immense pressure, they exude an aura of boldness and permanence. Yet, their visible formations serve as testament to their constant metamorphosis, a reminder that their solid facade is an illusion during our brief lifespans.

Our connection to the lands we inhabit and our coexistence on intersecting, yet distinct timelines highlight how our surroundings – whether geographical, political, cultural, historical, or sociological –mold us. Simultaneously, we in turn, shape our environment, bending and eroding it to our will, leaving a lasting imprint despite our brief presence.

In confronting photographic precision with abstraction, vivid impressionistic tones with monochromatic stillness; this artwork investigates the invisible edges between reality and memory, between past and present. It underscores the imperative to work towards a future where nature and humanity co-exist in a sustainable partnership.

Natalya Konforti 

Natalya Konforti is an artist and cultural program facilitator with a degree in Fashion Design from ESMOD International. A decade in the garment industry cultivated her attunement to color palettes, a fascination with patterns, as well as a deep appreciation for textile craftsmanship. Her process- driven, introspective practice is grounded in what we leave behind, channeling themes of memory, community, and sustainability. Through a variety of mixed mediums including photography, paint and textile, her work pays homage to a meaningful technique, material, or location.

Natalya has gained recognition amongst peers of the creative industry for her non-profit community initiatives, and is a contributor to cultural entities such as Jameel Art Centre, Dubai Design Week and Alserkal Avenue. She is an alumnus of Tashkeel’s First Solo Residency programme and Campus Art Dubai 10.0. Natalya has participated in exhibitions at RAK Fine Arts Festival, Alserkal Avenue, Sikka, DIFC Art Nights and Tashkeel; her work has been featured in numerous publications including The National, Khaleejesque, Friday Magazine and Arab News. Natalya lives in Dubai and works out of her studio in Tashkeel’s historical Al Fahidi branch.

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