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Nasha Maryam Koya

Mixed Media on Canvas, 120 x 95 cm

Large scale glacier melt multimedia painting done on a 120*95cm framed canvas.
The Invisible city in the Antarctic glaciers that keeps the visible cities afloat and thriving. My art ‘The Mighty Melt’ is an ode to the rhythm of nature and its perfect balance. Everything about Arctic resonates might! The glaciers and mountains above as well as the ice and water beneath. The might of the ice capped mountains can be seen and felt in the art as well as the depth of the precious liquid we call water. What is it that sustains us? Our planet? Our home? Eternally? It always comes back to water. The basic cell unit of existence of any living being. As astoundingly it sounds it is the truth. Water is what connects us with all the ecosystem. This year and every year sustainability should ring back to preserving water. For us and for our future generations. The glacier high and mighty is a support to our earth, and yet its melt is gracious. It is giving in abundance even as it melts away into infinity. But we must heed caution. For the glaciers, ice and water is not just a beauty to behold for now, but also the parameter of existence for humankind and life to come.

Nasha Maryam Koya

I am Nasha Maryam Koya, an Indian Artist residing and based in UAE. For me history, life and nature are that which binds me. Being brought up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and having had travelled, lived and experienced the desert, the thoughts and culture of the peninsula as well as that of the different emirates of the UAE has molded the base inspiration for my complex artworks. For me the desert, the ocean and beautiful places inhabited by beautiful people, the warmth of soil and love, the coolness and simplicity of greenery is where my motivation stems up. Beyond beauty, the cognitive ideas, thoughts and introspection forms the root of my works. As an artist I enjoy providing thought space to my audience and finding more intellectual meaning in my art. I enjoy and find meditation in painting light floral arts too. An artist since childhood, I am embracing and navigating back to my passion in art post exclusive motherhood. I believe the best self love is finding time to do things you love! And that’s the best way to believe in yourself and the impact and magic that you bring to the world.

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