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Munira Mukadam
Mixed Media on Wall Frame, 64 x 95 cm

This 3D artwork's inspiration comes from the thought of all people living under one roof - 'a healthy sky'. It depicts various clouds representing the colors of our sky and ironically the color of our 'blue planet', forming a healthy well balanced roof over us. These different joining of clouds, in a way, also represent different people from different cities standing shoulder to shoulder to solve our planet’s climate crisis, creating a more sustainable future for our children.

This wall art was created using all sustainable and natural materials, such as, tissue, hand made paper mache balls and paint.
On a personal note, this artwork took a lot of time to make and was quite challenging, which I did not expect when I first imagined it. During the middle of this project, I actually considered giving up, but then realized I had to continue, as I knew the final piece would be beautiful and so worth it. Ironically, I realized we are in a similar predicament - it feels tough to achieve our climate goals right now, but if we show perseverance and dedication and continue to work together in finding solutions and keeping our promises, our future generations will look back and see what a beautiful piece of art this world truly is.

Munira Mukadam

Munira Mukadam is a local based self taught artist that creates 3D sustainable 'green' art by bringing materials found in nature together (e.g leaves, flowers, paper, cotton etc). To create the perfect rustic mosaic of a unique, visually appealing 'touch and feel' look to wall art.

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