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Conditions of participation     

1.  Participation in The Art Circle Award implies full acceptance of the below rules, without exception and participants should strictly comply with them at all times.

2.  Respect of the theme: “I dreamed that I swallowed the moon…”

3.  The pictorial technique is at the discretion of the participant. No trademark may be alluded to and, in no way, the content of the work be offensive, in the broadest sense of the term. 

The Art Circle reserves the right not to admit candidacies that, according to its criteria, do not comply with the technical, artistic and/or legal conditions required by the contest, or that may hurt the sensitivity of people, incite violence, discrimination or be contrary to social uses. 

4.  Each artist may submit only one work. This work should not have received an award in any other contest. This will be proven by means of an affidavit (at the end of the registration form).

5.  The title of the artwork, the name and surname of the artist will be clearly written on the back.

The work shall be delivered signed only on the back. Artworks with the artist’s name or signature at the front of the painting will not be accepted.

6.  The painting must be completed and ready at the time of submitting the application. 

7.  Dimensions: a minimum width or length of 40 cm and a maximum width or length of 60 cm, in either portrait or landscape format. 

8.  Works made with digital techniques will not be accepted. In case of mixed techniques, the media used should be specified. 

9.  The artworks must be framed in a simple, plain, wooden, American style frame (as per the picture below). Seen from the front, the frame width should not exceed 3 cm. No glass or Plexiglas protected works will be accepted.

Modalities of participation 


1.   The winner of the TAC Award 2021 cannot participate in the 2022 edition.

2.   The participant can exclusively submit his/her application here

3.   The participant is entitled to submit only one artwork. 

4.   The deadline for participating in The Art Circle Award is October, 28th 2022. TAC reserves the right to change this deadline if it deems it appropriate. 

5.    Participants must complete the registration form available here
accompanied by the following documents: 

a- UAE ID in PDF format. 

b- Curriculum Vitae indicating the professional career of the artist in PDF format. 

c- One (1) photograph of the work submitted in high resolution JPG format. 

d- Title of the work presented (optional). 

e- Actual measurements of the work presented (height x width). 

f- Brief description of the work, maximum 1,200 characters (spaces included). 

g- File with works of the past few years in PDF format (optional).

Selection of the shortlisted artworks:


1.    A jury of art experts, comprised of directors of UAE art institutions (universities, foundations, and museums), collectors and curators, will select the shortlisted artworks by the 10th of November. 

2.   This list will be made public on the website and each artist will be notified personally. 

3.   TAC will contact the shortlisted artists and will ask them to provide the original works by the 7th of November.

4.    It is the responsibility of each artist to properly wrap their painting and bring it to the designated addresses (in Abu Dhabi or in Dubai).

5.   The selection of the artworks remains at the discretion of the jury based on criteria in relation with the language of Contemporary Art. 


Selection of the winning artwork:

1. Proposals received will be reviewed by the jury. 

2. Out of the shortlisted proposals, a single artwork will be chosen as the winner of The Art Circle Award. 

3. The winning proposal will be awarded AED 10,000. 

4. The jury's decision is final. 

5. The winning artwork will be unveiled on the 22nd of November 2022.

Acquisition of ownership of the work awarded by TAC:

1. The winning artwork of The Art Circle Award will become the property of TAC on the date the jury's decision is made public. 

The acquisition of exclusive ownership of the winning artwork also include the rights of exploitation, distribution, exhibition, disclosure, reproduction, transformation, public communication, etc., and, in general, any legally transferable rights, in their broadest sense and with the maximum legally possible scope, which may be exercised by TAC in the manner it considers convenient and without any temporal or territorial limitation. 

2. As the owner of the award-winning artwork, TAC reserves the right to reproduce it in different media, using the most appropriate and highest quality techniques. In the case of opting for such reproduction, the author undertakes to sign each copy. 

3. The reproduced version, numbered and signed by the artist, will be offered to collectors, directors of institutions, curators or else, during the visits organized by The Art Circle.

Exhibition of the Second Art Circle Award:


1. TAC will organize an exhibition of the shortlisted artworks that will take place At Warehouse421 in Abu Dhabi Between the 22nd and the 29th of November 2022.

2. To this end, the authors of the shortlisted artworks will transfer them in deposit in favour of TAC, free of charge, and during a period of 2 months from the date the jury made his decision public. 

Except for the winning artwork, the ownership, in accordance with these rules, is not subject to transmission to TAC.

This assignment also includes the rights of reproduction, exhibition, dissemination and public communication in its broadest sense, during the indicated period.

3. The shortlisted artists authorize TAC to use the images of their artworks. 

The assignment of the right to use these images of the works will be made for a period of 2 months from the date the jury's decision is made public, will be free of charge and will also include the rights of reproduction, exhibition, dissemination and public communication in its broadest sense. 

Return of the Non-Awarded Works: 

1. The non-awarded artworks must be collected by the artists at the end of the exhibition. 

2. The artist takes responsibility for repacking the item and ensuring its transportation. Original packaging will be kept.

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