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A morning at Wadi Naqab

Oil on linen 

This work of art is developed based on a plein air study done at Wadi Naqab, Ras Al Khaimah, U.A.E. Going to the wadi early in the morning by off-road and hiking almost one kilometer to the spot with easel and painting materials is a real challenge. But it's worth the effort as you spend the whole day in this magnificent mountain streams to create as many as three three quick studies before the sun goes down.


Born in Kerala, a southern state in India Bonny Mathew has been drawn to drawing and painting right from childhood. 


Over the years he became a self-taught artist in watercolour paintings and oil paintings. His inspiration in art has been various, be it a cast shadow on a sunny morning, waves of the ocean, clouds, people or still life.


During student days and in work place, he has found opportunities to make figurative sketches and caricature. Works of world masters in oil and watercolor have had a great influence on his philosophy of perceiving subjects and transferring them to paper and canvas. 


He loves to travel and explore new locations and subjects, and it has become his passion to capture the mood of the scene in light and shade, with subtle color schemes. He loves to work en plein air whenever weather permits.

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