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Caroline Heming
Oil on Canvas, Wood Panel, (Optional Lights), 46 x 60 cm

Drawing from Marco Polo’s journey in Italo Calvino’s "Invisible Cities" and the UAE’s 2050 sustainability goal, my Art Circle Award entry envisions an ocean-centered utopia. Here, thriving cities lead to healthy oceans — a harmonious exchange of life. As viewers, we embark on this journey through hexagonal windows, granting us a glimpse of this idyllic future. The hexagon, an emblem from Arabic art, symbolizes the unity of all life and the interwoven fabric of existence. The outer canvas painting portrays a fading sea anemone, marked by neglect and climate stress. In contrast, the inner wood panel paints a narrative of revival and healing, brought forth by urban sustainability and responsible choices. This transformation is illuminated by lights that embody hope and renewal, guiding us toward a brighter path. Through "Breath of Tomorrow," I paint a world where thriving cities and conscious citizens work in symbiotic harmony to resurrect oceans. This endeavor manifests as a shared journey — one where human actions breathe life into the seas, exemplifying a future where nature flourishes, and the echoes of our positive choices resonate across time.

Caroline Heming 

Many say to pick a style and stick with it. I say why? Why must I be defined by the way I use my brush, the subject matter I choose, or the way in which I decide to tell a story on canvas? I thrive when I'm toggling between realism, expressionism, and the abstract. Oh, I suppose there will come a day when I'll settle down in one direction, but in the meantime, I'm going to continue challenging myself to explore, experiment, and enjoy the creative journey without boundaries. 

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