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Kites and Arrows
Acrylic & Collage on canvas 

I have chosen to align my work to an extract from ’The Prophet’.

"You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.. He bends you with His might that His arrows may go swift and far.” 

It talks of the theme of parenthood - one that unites all humans and cultures: while nurturing each generation through present and future, each generation must face the challenge of sending their children as far as possible into the future.

For decades in the UAE, international styles and customs have created a unique balance of tolerance and sharing. Indeed for this, the UAE is exemplary. Symbolised in ‘Kites and Arrows' and the aligned quotation is one of the strongest concepts that connects humans - a concept that transcends cultural and geographical divisions : the nurture and sacrifice each parent must commit to, to send their child as far as possible into the world.




Annabelle has painted and exhibited in private venues and galleries in France, Oman, Venezuela, the US and the UAE for the past 22 years.


Her painting is an exploration and dance of energy and emotions, depicting subject-matter that resonates deeply for her - both as human and parent. These symbols are interwoven into a complex landscape of texture, threads and washes. A multitude of threads provide both movement and connect the focal point to its energetic backdrop. 

Her work contains important conceptual messages that appear through the chosen subject matter. We see the symbols of key human values, whatever their geographical or cultural origins - and a reminder that in remaining aligned to these we can maintain inner balance and respect for one another. To illustrate these themes, her pieces are often aligned to the quotations of Khalil Gibran - in particular those that speak of parents, children and nature.


The local context is an illustration of how we can respect these priorities despite our different origins - in a country that successfully hosts a multitude of interconnected cultures - in an atmosphere of balance and status quo.

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